Local Buying Tips

Are you a BUYER?

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Start you off on the right path to home ownership
  • Listen to your needs
  • Help you find a lender
  • Show you, in writing, what loan amount you qualify for
  • If needed, show you how to overcome past financial errors
  • Make sure that you understand all of the financial options available to you
  • Help you get the lowest interest rate for your loan
  • Explain all of the costs involved in buying a home
  • Show you several homes that fit your needsregardless of listing company
  • Do the research needed to insure that you pay right price
  • Explain all of the documents before you sign them
  • Be there with you during all inspections and explain all of your options
  • Always be available to answer your important questions
  • Attend final signing with you and help explain all of the closing documents
  • Keep in contact after the sale